Customised Support Group

Support groups are tailor made according to the need of individuals experiencing loss, divorce, death or any major change in their lives. These are offered to children, adults, couples and groups.

Empowering Women experiencing Domestic Violence

The majority of our case load entails marital and relationship issues. Of these some deal with serious domestic violence. As a result we host support groups for individuals who share common issues and are challenged by similar life situations. It creates a safe therapeutic environment in which individuals mutually support each other and learn from each other to make positive changes in their lives. A theoretical framework is taught to deepen the understanding around domestic violence. These are run at our premises or in the various communities that we service when substantial numbers build up. It runs over 8 weeks for 2hrs weekly. Aspects covered are Identifying different types of abuse, understanding the profile of the abuser and the abused, myths surrounding abuse, understanding the legal system with regard to domestic violence, developing coping and resilience, support and empowerment of women.

Adult Bereavement Support

As an adult one is expected to cope with loss, death or dying. However these life changes can be challenging and if unaddressed have prolonged effect on one's coping, decision making and life in general. At Careline we often see the effect a loss experienced in childhood has on an adult. We encourage the healing process through counselling and group work.

Playskills for Bereaved Children

Playskills are used as a means to support children between the ages of 6 and 15 who have experienced some form of loss. The process is interactive and is essentialy healing through play. The support group does not only provide the skills to deal with loss but in addition gives participants usefull lifeskills that can be used through the various journeys of their life.

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