Womens Month

Woman’s Day is every day at the Gift of the Givers Careline”

Womens month, especially Womens day which is celebrated on 9th August is a nationally declared holiday to honour our mothers, sisters and daughters who made a significant contribution to address the injustices of the time. We have come a long way since, but our women are still marginalised and discriminated against till today.

Women’s day at the Gift of the Givers Careline in Pietermaritzburg is like every other day of the year. No special celebrations, song or dance. Simply responding to her plea, giving sound to her voice, through kind compassion, non judgment and respect for her as the master in her own journey; is a precious gift we extend to all women, children, the aged, the destitute, the downtrodden, the lost and the bereaved.

However it is a time when much attention is focused on different aspects regarding women in the media and in general. To take advantage of this opportunity we visit schools, clinics, communities and use several media platforms to highlight current issues prevailing in society. More important we create and facilitate safe spaces for women to express themselves about issues that affect them directly. They are informed about and encouraged to utilise recourses and services available.

The stories of women who have risen above despite their challenges stand out as beacons of hope in society and it is their resiliency and tenacity that inspires us to continue to champion the cause of women, children, the aged and the destitute.

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