27/04/2013 - Lakehaven Primary School

Gift of the Givers was contacted by Quraisha Adam from the Lakehaven Childrens Home. A Community Outreach programme held over the weekend was organised by learners of Hillgrove Secondary school who also reside at Lakehaven Children’s Home. The programme was steered toward children who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Counselling was provided by the Lakehaven team with the hope of reintegrating the kids back into society, many are currently living on the street.

GOTG assisted by feeding the street children and distributing the following aid:

  • 2 Large Unilever Household Detergent Packs
  • 10 x 10kg Sweet & Savoury Sauce
  • 7 x 17kg Cake Mix
  • 4 x 4kg Knorr Sauce
  • 24 x 1lt Knorr Cubes
  • 6 x 1lt Tomotoe Sauce
  • 7 x 6.25kg Mrs Balls
  • 145 x 250g Rama Flora
  • 60 x 25’s Lipton Teabags
  • 6 x 250g Glen Teabags
  • 100 Personal Hygiene Packs

Total Project Value: R43 000.00

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  • Lakehaven_childrens_Home_27_April_2013_1