Eldorado Park Muslim School

We were requested to visit the Eldorado Park Muslim School school in August to assess and come up with ways to improve the conditions under which the children were learning. What we saw on arrival seemed pretty good. It was a beautiful face brick building, but just like taking a bite of a juicy red apple and then to find it rotted inside, so too was the surprise we got when we entered the classrooms!

Doors and windows were broken, ceiling boards were loose if not non-existent. The toilets were in an appauling state, some non-functional. The school caters for 250 learners from the Eldorado Park community. Children arrive as early as 7am, some with holes in their shoes and others with no shoes at all. There's much to be done.

The Gift of the Givers team prepared a meal and served 500 people in the Opperman Hall near the school, and will continue to feed the school occasionally. We also fixed the ceilings, repaired the doors put in new toilets and and tiled the restrooms. Our team was assisted by TSE Bigmax, a transport spares and equipment company.

Total Project Value: R110 000.00

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