Back To School

More than ever before in the history of the development of our country and our people the investment in quality, relevant, accessible and affordable education is a priority; an education that inspires, motivates, uplifts, guides, teaches life skills, emphasises sport, cross cultural relationships and imparts the spirit of Ubuntu. Impressionable minds have to be moulded, children have to be loved, nurtured, fed, clothed and respected. These are all essential aspects of the educationary process. Whilst Gift of the Givers has a huge bursary and scholarship programme and is involved in Education Support at primary and secondary school level as aspects of its 24 categories of projects, the need to intensify the involvement in education from grade R to matric, at a much greater cost now, is an overwhelming necessity. Success in matric, at tertiary level and in the job market, in essence, commences in grade R and has to be developed over the 12 year period. Interventions are of varrying categories and the different aspects are highlighted on our Education project page, but for now we want to be very simple in our "back to school" campaign in order to bring joy in the lives of millions of disadvantaged children. The table below highlights simple, affordable items that could make a huge difference to a child with no economic means. At a more serious level the provision of computer centres, libraries, infrastructure, furniture, equipment, laboratories, improved sports development programmes, teaching techniques, bicycles for transport, all play a major role in the holistic development of a child.

Gift of the Givers invites the ubuntu driven South African society to participate at any level of the programme described above to make a meaningful contribution to the life of even one child. In the meantime we envisage our scholarship programme at tertiary education level to exceed R4 million for 2011.

Items of real need for flood relief include:

Exam PadsColouring Pencils
Hardcover & Softcover BooksErasers
Colouring BooksGlues & Adhesives
Covering MaterialsHighlighters & Markers
DictionariesMaths Sets
School BagsRulers
Lunch BoxesPlastic Bottles
Pencil CasesPens

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