World Press Freedom Day May 2015

Distribution exercise of relief items to the victims of hailstorm, children with various disabilities and orphaned toddlers in the Northern Region Districts of Rumphi and Mzimba.

The distribution exercise was conducted in partnership with the Malawi Chapter of Media Institute of Southern Africa, MISA, on World Press Freedom Day which was commemorated in the Northern Region City of Mzuzu from 1st to 2nd May, 2015.

The GOTG team distributed 500 bags of rice weighing 10kg each and 50 boxes of second-hand clothing in the following areas:

1.  Bolero and Mzokoto Communities

GOTG distributed 370 x 10kg rice and 30 boxes of clothing to 370 families who were affected by the hailstorm mid-February this year.  The distribution was as a result of the call for support by the Commissioner of the District.  Over 800 families were affected by the hailstorm.  Since the hailstorm took place, Apart from the Government, GOTG is the first NGO to visit and assist the affected families. 

2.  St. Magdalene Orphanage

The orphanage was established by the Roman Catholic missionaries to take care of children with various incapacities ranging from hearing and sight impairment, mobility problems among others. The center looks after 50 children but rarely receives support of any kind. We supported them with 30 x 10kg rice and 10 boxes second-hand clothing.

3.  Maa Hawa Orphanage

We also distributed 60 x 10kg rice and 10 boxes of clothing to 90 orphaned children who are being looked after by an Islamic organization.  The Muslims from around Mzuzu contribute some money every Friday for running of the center.

4.  Crisis Nursery

The center was established by a Christian organization at the heart of Mzuzu as a toddler minding organization. The nursery takes care of babies who have been either dumped by their mothers or their mothers have passed away during the birth of the babies and have no immediate relatives to take care of them. The team donated 40 x 10kg bags of rice for consumption by the little older children.

The chairperson of MISA Malawi, Thom Kanje and the team from MISA were with us in all the distribution places.  The team also attended the Gala night during which the best journalists/reporters were presented with prizes ranging from laptops, cameras, cash prizes among others. 

Gift of the Givers apart from delivering the speech at the function, also presented cash prizes totaling R26 154.00 to four awardee categories namely:

  • R4 615.00 for best Chichewa Journalist
  • R4 615.00 for best Photojournalist
  • R8 461.00 for best Investigative Journalist, electronic media
  • R8 461.00 for best Investigative Journalist, print media

The MISA Malawi appreciated GOTG for the distribution of relief items as well as sponsoring four categories during this year’s event.

Total Project Value: R61 538.00

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