One African Nation Concert

15 African artists, all African. One Continent, Africa. One Nation, 1 billion Africans. Never before in the history of our continent and our people has it become so important to stand up and to be counted. No more begging bowl, no more cap in hand, no more the indignity of outstretched hands. The dignity and honour of our people has to be protected so whether it is famine and war in Somalia or a tornado in Duduza, Africans need to respond, without waiting for their brothers to ask; that is the Ubuntu of the soul.

The time has arrived,  an African Solution for an African Problem. When Africans stand together to support Africa, even the sky is not the limit. Young artists have identified the cry of the people of Somalia, the hungry adults,  the starving children dying at a rate of 4000 per day, the crippling consequences of measles, TB and general gunshot injuries, the difficulty, the pain, the sadness of a "forgotten nation". These artists have empathised,  "our people are not alone anymore, we will stand by them".  These artists have expressed their Africanness, have stood up to be counted and have offered their talent and their services for FREE so that our African children in Somalia may LIVE. These artists have put their heart and soul into this campaign and are asking ALL South Africans to show the spirit of Ubuntu and support Somalia as well as Duduza by attending the One African Nation concert on Saturday, 5 November 2011, at the Johannesburg Stadium from 10am to 8pm. First time in the history of the continent have African artists got together not only to raise funds for fellow Africans but to emphasise a self belief that it can be done  and done by us. Indeed this is an affirmation of what 50 million South Africans have done for Somalia whether as government, corporates, professionals, media, musicians, artists, pensioners or school children.  These artists have selected Gift of the Givers to be the medium for the delivery of the funds raised by them. 

For details on the concert Helen Gouws Cell 082 718 8052.