Village Walk Xenophobia Collection 19 May 2008


Potable water is an essential element every human being must have so as to sustain good health. Most villages in Malawi do not have access to clean sources of water. As a result, cholera and other water-borne diseases are rampant which cause many deaths. We continuously sink boreholes in various parts of the country to lessen the suffering.

GOTG sank 76 boreholes/ waterwells during the period December 2004 – 2014.

“Most of these areas had no access to potable drinking water and people would draw waters from streams, ponds and other sources. This resulted in many people suffering from waterborne related diseases,” said GOTG Country Manager, Ahmed Sunka.

Sunka added that the number of people suffering from waterborne related diseases have been reduced enabling the community to positively contribute to the development of their areas and to the country as whole.

Click here for a full Borehole list as at 17 March 2014

Bangwe School, Mary's Meals

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