Eid-ul Adaah at the Tongogara Refugee Camp

Tongogara Refugee Camp, situated approximately 680 kms East of Harare, in the last year has grown to house almost 10 000 inhabitants.  Many call it their home away from home, and have adjusted to extreme temperatures. The temperature on the day of distribution reached a scorching  49 degrees celcius and later decreased to as low as 6 degrees by night. 

The families were so happy receive the aid packages and the children were in such high spirits. They are proud of their little homes and grateful to have their basic needs met, with simple blessings of waking up to a peaceful environment. They put their skills to good use by growing their favourite vegetables and rearing cattle.

Items distributed were:

  • Qurbani Eid Lunch
  • 3 goats for Qurbani
  • Cold Drinks
  • Mealie Meal

Family Food Parcels

  • 232kg Rice
  • 232kg Sugar
  • 232 litres cooking oil
  • 1,2 kg kapenta dried fish
  • 1160kg mealie meal
  • 116 boxes matches
  • 212 boxes biscuits
  • 348 kg macaroni
  • 116kg salt
  • 116kg powder milk
  • 232kg flour
  • 232kg green bar washing soap
  • 116kg soya chunks
  • 464kg washing paste
  • blankets
  • bed sheets
  • sausages freshly cooked
  • bread rolls
  • fresh fruit
  • juices

Total Project Value: R225 908.40

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