Gift of the Givers was able to reach out to a larger number of families living in extremely isolated areas reaching as far as the boarder of Mozambique, serving up 9054 plates. 

The team spent 4 days prior to the Eid ul Adha traveling and living amongst communities in rural areas, ready to tackle any obstacle that may hinder the celebration of the sacred sacrifice.  Confronted by the challenging terrains and livestock availability and wondering herdsman in search of water the team had to travel extensively and at several points abandoning their vehicles to continue distributions by Ox cart. Family members accompanying our team indicated that it was their first ever such Eid celebration.

Members of all ages including children tagged along on the expedition; it was an emotional high for all.  Families slept out in the open with the team in anticipation of the big day.

Families living within reasonable proximity of towns enjoyed a Gift of the Givers Qurbani Lunch at their local Masjids while other areas received Eid Qurbani Hampers comprising of 1-2 kgs Qurbani meat,10kg Mealie Meal or 7kg Rice, 1lt Oil, 10 x 200g Royco Soup Mix, 2lt Soft Drink & 1kg Salt.

Areas covered were:

  • Harare
  • Mashonaland Central
  • Muzarabani Area
  • Matabeleland
  • Midlands
  • Manicaland

Total Project Value:R2 305 634.00

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