Senegal, Medina Baye Kaolack

175 cows were slaughtered over a 2 day period with 24,000 people benefiting from the meat.

Four categories of recipients were identified for distribution:

  • 75 Quran Schools, where children from all parts of Africa who dwell and study. 10,000 children and youth were reached.
  • 13 surrounding villages with 5,000 people near Medina Baye.
  • 45 Shaykhs, 6,000 people. This is part of the West African culture where the Shaykhs serve as welfare institutions - they take care of the elderly, the poor, students  and travelers.  It is also part of the adab to give to these Shuyukh who in turn serve the neediest of people.
  • 3,000 poor individuals from Kaolack and Medina Baye. In this case the cows were cut into small pieces and distributed in bags to the thousands who were waiting on both days.

The distribution was well organised where each person, Quranic school and village were given a special ticket entitling them to their share.

Project Value: R805 000.00

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