Alex Rocks for Madiba

A story of Madiba's life is portrayed in this cake. His long walk to freedom. #MandelaDay
The youth came in their numbers and together with 50 public order policeman cordoned off the roads around the house where Mandela first stayed when he arrived from Transkei. The old people are being fed a hearty breakfast. Respect begins with the elderly. The youth have ordered all shebeens to be closed. The atmosphere is one of joy, festivity, celebration and peace. The precincts of the house have been touched up. Everyone is waiting the arrival of what seems to be the biggest cake ever baked for Mandela and this too from entrepreneurs from Alex. Alex is paying tribute to their icon the Alex way.

"Life in Alexandra was exhilarating and precarious. Its atmosphere was alive. Its spirit adventurous, its people resourceful. In spite of the hellish aspects of life in Alexandra, the township was also a kind of heaven". (Nelson Mandela).
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