Emergency Trolleys for Khayelitsha Hospital

Gift of the Givers handed over five emergency trolleys with accompanying mattresses to Khayelitsha Hospital today. This is the beginning of a new relationship with a facility that is recognised for its excellent performance under challenging circumstances. Medical support forms part of the twenty one categories of projects established by Gift of the Givers. The intervention in Khayelitsha Hospital is one of multiple medical projects; supplying food for patients and their families, high energy and protein supplements for the compromised, linen, detergents, adult diapers, disposable medical supplies, medicines, medical furniture, R1 million ultrasound machine, other medical equipment, infrastructure upgrades, establishment of primary health care facilities, paying for "catch up" weekend surgery and providing volunteer medical teams, at a cost of over R30 million over the last few years are some of the services we have provided locally.

The primary focus is to improve the quality of patient care and make the medical experience a pleasant one. Establishment of an arthroplasty unit in the Eastern Cape is the next major step.
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