Audiology Testing on National Health Day

Gift of the Givers commences Health Day programme with a distribution of hygiene packs and audiology testing by our team lead by Dr Nadir Kana (ENT) and Carmen Esterhuizen (Audiologist).

We have partnered Rotary International and the National Department of Health. Rotary International National Department of Health (South Africa)

Today we tested every single patient that came to us. We were so lucky to be joined by a team from the Starkey Foundation who fitted our patients with donated hearing aids.

We also picked up multiple middle ear infections and tons of impacted wax.
We saw people of all ages. For the children we saw the impact will be the greatest as they will be able to reach their full academic potential

Our locally invented and manufactured KUDUwave allowed us to do full diagnostic testing in a quieter part of a noisy stadium.This is unbelievable.This is what it means when technology makes it possible to take healthcare to the masses.

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