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International Appeal for Release of Stephen McGown

One of the most difficult aspects of hostage negotiations is not knowing with certainty who the captors are, where they are, what they want or how they can be contacted.  Gift of the Givers is sending out a message internationally requesting the captors of Stephen McGown to connect with us so that we can commence the process of negotiations to free Stephen. Three years and seven months is an eternity to be in captivity.  Accompanying this message is an appeal by one of the foremost religious leaders on the African continent, Sheik Igsaan Hendrikse, from the Muslim Judicial Council of Cape Town, requesting Stephen's release.  The appeal is in Arabic with a summarized version in English.  See videos below.  Circulating this message and appeal internationally especially into North and West Africa will be highly appreciated.  We are busy connecting with many networks in those areas for this purpose in the next few days. 

Our negotiator from Mali will be Mohamed Yehia +27842447744 . He is from the North and speaks the local language as well as French.

Arabic Version

English Version