Update on GOTG Support

The Sarah Fox Children’s Convalescent Hospital, with the assistance of our donors, continues to provide much needed healthcare to marginalized and disadvantaged children who come from the most poverty stricken communities in the Western Cape. The Western Cape has the highest incidence of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome in the world formations of gangs and drug abuse (particularly tik) are devastatingly epidemic. Although it has one of the lowest antenatal HIV prevalence’s in South Africa (16,9%) it has a disproportionately high TB burden.

Sarah Fox falls in to the government’s plans for “intermediate care”. Intermediate care is the integrated provision of facility based services formerly referred to as sub acute, respite, chronic and palliative care under de-hospitalised services. The core goals of intermediate care are both to ensure a successful discharge of users into the home or other appropriate environment, and to prevent the need for further hospitalization. The focus of service delivery in intermediate care is to improve patient functioning so that they are able to live and participate in home and community life to their maximum potential.

Some of the children referred to Sarah Fox will never be able to return home (especially those who have been orphaned or abandoned or who are victims of child abuse) and need to be referred onto children’s homes once their medical condition has been stabilized by the hospital. The majority of children referred to the hospital however could be returned home sooner if their families were empowered with the necessary knowledge and skills to care for them at home.

Gift of the Givers assistance to the children at the Sarah Fox Children’s Convalescent Hospital was much needed when we entered their doors for the very first time in July 2008, as the hospital was going through a very difficult time.

Since then we have been assisting them on a regular basis by providing them with a nutritional supplement called Sibusiso Ready Food as well as their basic necessities, namely that of food, hygiene and cleaning products, kitchen utensils, blankets, bed linen, towels and nappies. We have revamped the entire hospital, replaced all there mattresses, painted all the cots. Our hearts goes out to these innocent and vulnerable souls who cannot fend for themselves, therefore we have given our support so that we may assist the Sarah Fox Children’s Convalescent Hospital in making a difference in the lives of our children.

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