16/06/2012 - Youth Day

On Saturday June 16th, GOTG in partnership with SAPS Lwandle celebrated Youth Day by encouraging the youth to be conscious about their surroundings and be more caring for their communities. Because of poverty being so rife in these areas we decided with the youth of the Lwandle Township to feed the sick, the disabled, the elderly and the kids in the three biggest informal settlements. In the early hours of the morning all the cooking, provided by the GOTG, was prepared and cooked at the Khanyolwethu High School by the youth, The GOTG team, SAPS members and the youth went to three informal settlements. We started at Pholile Park, where 500 people was fed, thereafter 250 people at Wag N Bietjie and at Ethembeni a further 250 people. In all a total of 1000 plus people were fed.

When we arrived at the settlements the queues of kids and elderly extended for metres and metres as they patiently waited for the hot chicken stew with rice. The kids couldn't contain their joy and immediately sat down and began eating with smiles on their faces. This was such a beautiful moment in the lives of our team members, just to see the enjoyment on their faces is priceless. The elderly felt like they couldn't thank us enough for caring and coming to them.

The youth had the children to place all there empty containers in black bags whilst creating awareness about cleaniless in their areas at all times. The youth are setting an amazing example by caring, sharing and trying to make a difference in the lives of our disabled, sick, elderly and the little ones in their communities.

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