22/08/2013 - Womens Month Distribution

GOTG in partnership with SAPS distributes Food Parcels and various other aid items to women in Pietermaritzburg and Durban.




P. Pillay Home for the Mentally Challenged, Pietermaritzburg

70 Personal Hygiene Packs

R28 000.00

Isabel Beadmore Home for the Aged, Pietermaritzburg

65 Personal Hygiene Packs
Large Unilever Household Pack
5 Bails Sanitary Pads
1 Box x 10 Bed Linen
10 Bail Diapers
10 x 1kg Washing Powder
1 x 10lt Sunlight Liquid
10 x 10lt Handy Andy
1 x 10lt Domestos

R32 500.00

Cinderella Park, Pietermaritzburg


8 x 2kg Knorr Soup
2 x 5kg Sugar Beans
10 x 2kg Rice
2 x 12.5kg Cake Mix
1 x 25kg Mrs Balls
2 x 8kg Knorr Stock Cubes
60 x 500g Rama Bricks
40 x 340ml Salad Dressing
2 x 5lt Tomotoe Sauce
12 x 900g Knorr Sweet & Sour Chicken Spice
1000 x 10g Sauce Sachets

R5 000.00

Eastwood Community Home, Pietermaritzburg

80 Personal Hygienic Packs
Bulk Beans
500g x 60 Cases Rama
2 x 10kg Rice
Bulk Fabric

R40 000.00

Phoenix Youth Centre, Durban

700 Personal Hygiene Packs

R280 000.00

Coastlands, Durban

70 Personal Hygiene Packs

R28 000.00

Total Project Value: R413 500.00.
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