Water Crisis Requires Collective Intervention

Life becomes so much more meaningful when challenges unite us as a nation.  We've seen it in international sporting events when South Africans stand behind their team; we've seen it for natural disasters when the country stands together to benefit people we don't even know, in far off lands.  We are faced with a crisis of our own, not that it has not happened before, but the current water crisis is described as one of the severest in thirty years.

It is indeed heart warming when you receive communication from an individual who wants to make a meaningful contribution to the lives of people around him who have no access to drinking water.  Imraan Mahomed from Paddock sends a message: "Please I need assistance; we have 4000 families in the Izingolweni area that need water as the existing water supply in the South Coast has been contaminated with sea water.  Can you provide 4000 x 5 liter water containers and I will provide the water from my two boreholes that will pump out two thousand liters per hour each.  I will then fill the containers and take them door to door".  That's only the first part of a divine mystery.  Just 48 hours earlier the Sri Sathya Sai Organisation of South Africa through Mr Dasogen Reddy approached us and offered us 3000 x 10 liter water containers in Durban.  The need for the people of the South Coast was already met even before the request was made.  This is Divine intervention.  The amount was increased to 4000 on our request this morning.  Gift of the Givers will deliver these 4000 x 10 liter bottles today and will also provide hygiene packs for the affected families.  The intervention will be carried out jointly with Imraan and the local municipality.  We are sure that many similar initiatives must be underway elsewhere and our thanks to all.

From a spiritual point of view it is often stated that man's negative deeds and the failure of individuals to adequately assist fellow humans result in the withholding of rain by the Almighty. Personal introspection aimed at corrective action, increased generosity and special prayer for rain are recommended relief measures.  In the Islamic context there are very specific prayers to be made for rain in a very specific manner.  We are aware that this prayer is going to be held this weekend in certain regions.  We are sure that other cultures and religions have their own rules regarding prayer for rain.  Collectively, if we all unite within our prayer systems, increase our generosity and carry out the required social service to those in greatest need it is very likely that we as a nation and a humanity will receive benefit both in terms of beneficial rain and general goodness.  May we all stand up to be counted together for the benefit of our country.

Imraan Mahomed may be contacted on 0837861852.

Pictured: Mark Pillai with the container donated by the Sri Sathya Sai Organisation of South Africa

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