02/06/2012 - Johannesburg Cricket Club, Berea

The Johannesburg Cricket Club is situated in the heart of Berea, a very poor and neglected community in Jo'burg. The club accommodates the boys from this area and the aim is to take them away from their environment which is flooded with drug abuse. The club has erected a beautiful pitch which helped improve the boys confidence, sense of pride and desire to help others. This distribution was their way of giving something back to their community.

The Saheti High school came to assist with the distribution of the goods as the school is quite involved in the running and sustaining of the cricket club. The community was very appreciative of the items they received from Gift of the Givers and cricket sets were given to the club to use during practice sessions.

  • 500 Blankets
  • Hot Meal and Juice for 800 People
  • 500 Packs of Shampoo and Conditioner
  • 10 Cricket Sets
  • 60 T-shirts
  • 100 Pairs of Shoes
Total Project Value: R99 150.00
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