25/05/2013 - Strauben St Shelter

Strauben Street shelter, a place some people call home whilst others are forced to be there due to circumstances. GOTG and the Caring Womens Forum (CWF) joined forces and stole the hearts of people who booked into the shelter on that very cold night. People were welcomed with a warm smile, a warm plate of food and a blanket to keep the cold away. Mothers with infants and toddlers were extremely grateful for the pack of Huggies nappies as this is not a luxury they get every day.

The ladies of the CWF and employees of Esquire enjoyed distributing aid to the needy.

  • 500 x Blankets
  • 500 x Feeding
  • 120 x Sanitary Pads
  • 200 x Packs of Huggies
  • 200 x Shampoo
  • 200 x Food Parcels
  • Chips
Total R119 550.00
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