As Salaamu Alaykum The Hallmark of Ramadan is Feeding and Fasting, Compassion and Consciousness, Mercy and Meritorious Service. Accordingly, in keeping with Islamic teaching and practice, Iftar has been arranged in 80 centres in South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Ethiopia, Senegal, Mauritania, Pakistan, Gaza and Jerusalem (near the precincts of Masjid Al Aqsa. Blankets (winter warmth) and Nutrition Packs will be delivered in South Africa and Malawi. Water tankers to the value of 300k have already been dispatched to drought stricken Somalia through our office there. Substantially more water and nutrition packs to follow here and in Kenya (Dr Hashi, our representative is in the region).

Medical teams, co-ordinated by Prof Ismail Goga, Dr Yakub Essack and Dr Malik Mahmud (a Palestinian from Gaza), will be sent to Gaza on a rotational basis to carry out life saving procedures, enhance life quality, transfer skills and provide desperately needed medical equipment and medicines.

In November 2010 Prof Goga took in a team of four medical specialists and R3.2 million of medical equipment facilitated through our office in Gaza. These projects enhance Blessings, many are life saving and alleviate untold suffering.

Zakah, Lillah, Sadqa, Fidya, Kafarah and food items in kind are accepted. Donations are tax exempt and Section 18A certificates are provided on request (speak to Yasmin and Laila at 033 3450163).

Deposits into : Gift of the Givers Zakah Account, A/C No 25 204 0562 and
Gift of the Givers Lillah Account, A/C No 25 204 0554
both at Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg, Branch Code 057525.

Please fax or email deposit slip to [033] 394-3780 /, stating type of contribution. For more details on all projects visit the rest of our site or call tollfree 0800786777.

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