Fire in Doornfontein Johannesburg August 2009

Wheelchair Recipients July 2018

1. Frances Mthembu (58) lost his leg after a car accident in 2007. He couldn’t contain his happiness and wept with tears of joy when he received his wheelchair.

2. Affectionately known as Gogo Ndlovu, the 76 year old from Ndwendwe received her wheelchair from Gift of the Givers after having to share a wheelchair with her neighbour for clinic visits and collections of grant.

3. 83 year old Ntombi Zamisa, a bed-ridden double amputee will finally be able to go outside for some fresh air, thanks to her brand new wheelchair from the Gift of the Givers team and the #arctic2athens campaign.

4. Mr Beukes has stomach cancer and his health has been rapidly deteriorating. This wheelchair will bring him much needed comfort and relief.

5. Mwotaivu Livingston received his wheelchair in Uganda. His son was in Johannesburg and returned to the village with a brand new wheelchair from Gift of the Givers.

6. Shalin has been in a pram for the past 13 years. He suffers from Cerebral Palsy with West Syndrome and blindness.

Sadly there is no treatment in South Africa for West Syndrome and on any given day Shalin experiences 20 - 30 seizures. His wheelchair needed to be quiet specific in that it had to recline as Shalin is often drowsy due to medication. It also needed to be padded to protect him during the sometimes violent seizures.

We were happy to deliver a suitable wheelchair, a much needed upgrade from the 13 year old pram for this precious boy.

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