Inspiration behind the movement…

“My son, you will form an organisation. The name will be Waqful Waqifin, and that name is translated into ‘Gift of the Givers’. You will serve all people of all races, of all religions, of all colours, of all classes, of all political affiliations and of any geographical location. You will serve them unconditionally.”

– Sufi Sheikh Muhammed Saffer Effendi al Jerrahi

… After receiving this message from his spiritual leader in Istanbul, Turkey, at the age of just 30, Gift of the Givers founder, Dr Imtiaz Sooliman, immediately heeded the calling… and continues to do so to this day.

Following that life-changing day in 1992, Dr Sooliman returned to South Africa, left a flourishing career as a medical doctor and established the Gift of the Givers Foundation.

In the intervening years, he has travelled to some of the most desolate, war-torn and disaster-struck areas of the world, heading relief missions. Through his work with Gift of the Givers, he and his teams have responded to the needs of countless people affected by a wide range of natural and man-made disasters, such as floods, famine, tsunamis, earthquakes and wars.

He has facilitated the establishment of hospitals, run clinics, created agricultural schemes, dug wells, built houses, developed and manufactured an energy food, renovated fishing boats, offered scholarships and provided food and shelter to millions.

The transition from doctor to humanitarian was both seamless and simple.

He is driven by the same basic principles that led to his becoming a medical doctor: respect, care, professionalism and dedication. But there is something else that fuels Dr Sooliman’s passion for humanitarianism – the solid belief in the common humanity that unites us. His fervour for, and belief in, mankind is what really motivates and energises him, and the reason is his faith.

His sense of community is felt throughout his endeavours with Gift of the Givers.

When disaster strikes or pleas for assistance are sounded – whether in South Africa or abroad – he and Gift of the Givers are ready with an immediate response, swiftly rallying the organisation’s network of doctors, nurses, relief workers and other professionals, and despatching humanitarian and medical supplies to disaster areas.

Gift of The Givers


The Gift of the Givers Foundation is the largest disaster response, non-governmental organisation of African origin on the African continent.

It works to unite people, with a common vision, to make a real and telling difference by serving mankind for the ‘Greater Good’ .

Assistance is provided unconditionally; assisting the needy, irrespective of human or animal, race, religion, colour, class, political affiliation or geographic location.

Since its inception in 1992, the organisation has been responsible for the delivery of life-saving goods and on-the-ground support for innumerable people, collectively valued at some R3.2 billion, in more than 43 countries across the globe, including South Africa.

Gift of the Givers restores the hope and dignity of the most vulnerable in their time of need, rebuilding prosperous communities and empowering leaders of tomorrow.

  • Our guiding philosophy


What We do

Fast and Active Disaster Response:

Our responses to disasters vary considerably, dependent on prevailing conditions in identified disaster or war zones.

We have the immediate capacity to deliver all the appropriate materials, inclusive of :

  • Temporary shelter;
  • Bedding and blankets;
  • Basic foodstuffs, inclusive of baby provisions;
  • Sibusiso Ready Food Supplement (a high-energy and protein supplement, innovated by Gift of the Givers – and the first of its kind in the world);
  • A wide range of medical supplies, medical equipment and ambulances; and
  • Generators for emergency power supply.

In addition, we are able to immediately call on professional search and rescue teams and medical specialists, whilst facilitating the evacuation of affected people.

We also undertake the rebuilding and/or rehabilitation of infrastructure, such as homes, schools and medical facilities damaged during crises.

A Passion for Hunger Alleviation:

Hunger is a universal problem.

In recognition of this, we distribute in excess of 100 000 food parcels annually, prepare and serve hot meals at our own centres, whilst also supporting existing feeding schemes through the provision of thousands of meals on a daily basis.

We further assist in key agricultural projects, supporting subsistence farmers in distress, as well as providing animal feed for needy farmers during crippling drought events.

Committed to the Provision of Water:

Water is a precious and scarce resource and one evermore affected by global climate change.

We have in place a number of water tankers, used for the delivery of water to desperate communities, and actively encourage the harvesting and recycling of water, whilst also establishing desalination treatment plants and providing point-of-use water purification solutions and – as a last resort – go so far as to provide bottled water to critically-affected communities.

We are integrally involved with borehole drilling operations, together with the development of such sites at schools, clinics and other central community points. Our team, headed by a geohydrologist with more than 40 years experience, is responsible for the sighting, drilling, testing, developing and monitoring all our borehole sites on a continuous basis.

Promoting Human Development:

The under-development of many historically disadvantaged communities is regarded as a massive socio-economic problem.

Recognising this, we have developed a series of programmes designed to promote the empowerment and dignity of our young people, including:

  • The provision of a range of school supplies for young learners;
  • A toll-free telephonic, as well as face-to-face counselling service;
  • Life skills training interventions and workshops; and
  • Skills development initiatives.
Creating an Environment Conducive to Education:

We contribute towards the creation of an environment conducive to the improved education of the disadvantaged.

We have in place:
  • A comprehensive bursary programme, providing opportunities for deserving candidates to complete their tertiary education; an education they would have otherwise been denied;

  • A schools infrastructural development programme, improving – in particular – the quality of school toilets and the provision of potable water within educational institutions; and

  • A school-level entrepreneurial development programme, Jumpstart, at identified KwaZulu-Natal schools, which is designed to plant the seed of entrepreneurship in the minds of Grade 10 and 11 learners, by facilitating their ability to start their own small businesses. Our objective is to engender a high degree of self-belief, giving learners the ability to transform their business ideas into productive business entities and so contribute to the upliftment of their communities. Our intention is to stimulate an entrepreneurial spirit amongst learners in a concerted effort to empower young, aspiring entrepreneurs and to promote the essence of entrepreneurship in the face of growing levels of unemployment.
Contributing to the Healthcare of Communities:

Access to sound healthcare is the right of every citizen.

We have the capacity to contribute meaningfully to the provision of both healthcare facilities and practitioners.

A current key project involves our successful operation of one of the largest hospitals in war-torn Northern Syria. As a consequence, the Geneva-based humanitarian movement, Red Crescent, has entrusted our organisation with responsibility for a second hospital.

We have primary healthcare workers, doctors and mid-wives who spend extensive time in the field in Somalia and we direct a Poor Patient Fund, which covers hospital treatment for patients unable to afford hospital such care in the Middle East.

In addition, we have also been actively involved in:

  • Funding certain identified operations;
  • Establishing an audiology screening programme in Soshanguve, Pretoria; and
  • The large-scale distribution of wheelchairs.

Spiritual Teachers

Sheik Muhammed Safer Efendi al Jerrahi. 
Passed on 21 February 1999
Omer Tugrul Inancer Efendi.
The current spiritual teacher since 1999

The Logo

God Almighty Exists . The large "G" represents Him. He is the Originator, Protector and Sustainer of ALL Creation. He never sleeps. It is He Who humbles the mighty, and Who exalts the humble. He is without place, yet no place is devoid of Him. He is the Greatest Giver , Giving the Gift of life, sustenance, health, knowledge, intellect, wisdom and guidance. He is Absolute Mercy, Most Compassionate to ALL humanity, represented by the little "g". The symbol represents man in kneeling position with head bowed down and hands outstretched. Man is in need materially and spiritually. But God Almighty is closer to him than his own soul; it is man who is far from Him. He grants the supplication of every supplicant. He is Generous. He does not withhold His Gifts from the erring. He brings to birth, yet is not born. He gives to eat, yet does not eat. He has no need of anything, everything needs Him, yet when man takes one step towards Him, the Supreme Glory takes ten steps towards man; when man comes walking, He comes running and when man comes running, He comes flying. This is a Gracious God to Whom belong the Most Beautiful Attributes.

Gift of the Givers Foundation are facilitators of Almighty God's Aid (in a metaphorical sense), distributing it from Him to all of mankind. This is made possible only by His Grace and Permission. God's Aid is received by the Foundation through His representatives, namely, sublime human beings who are imbued with and reflect the Divine Attributes of Mercy, Kindness, Compassion, Care and Generosity in their behaviour and personality. These are the Donors, the Givers, the Life Blood of the organisation Giving the Gift of time, gentle words, material assistance, financial contributions and intellectual abilities. Their Generosity permits Gift of the Givers Foundation to serve mankind selflessly ensuring that the honour, dignity and respect of all recipients of assistance are strictly guarded without exception.

The Logo symbolises the "Hand" of Almighty God over the hand of man signifying Positivity and Hope. The Gift of the Givers Foundation and its Donors strive to be that symbol of Hope, God Willing.

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