Conflict in Chechnya 1996 to 1997

In a massive Russian military offensive, thousands of Russian troops invaded the breakaway Russian Republic, fighting for almost two years in an effort to prevent the Chechens from pulling out of the Russian Republic. In the face of initial Russian gains, Chechen rebels fought back fiercely in Grozny, retaking the city in August 1996 after a year of Russian occupation. A cease-fire was declared and the last Russian troops left Chechnya in 1997. However, the conflict cost the lives of thousands of Russian troops, whilst tens of thousands of civilians died in the two-year war, in which much of Chechnya's housing and industry was destroyed.

Gift of the Givers Response:

Our response to the 1996-1997 conflict in Chechnya included the provision of tents, blankets, food, water and medication, valued at R2 million, which we ensured was delivered to Grozny and then distributed to those in need.

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