Kosova War 1998 to 1999

The war waged in the Serbian province of Kosova between 1998 and 1999 was quick, but exceptionally destructive, displacing 90% of the population, as ethnic Albanians living in Kosova faced pressure from Serbs fighting for control of the region. Such was the severity of the conflict that drew the involvement of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). The signing of a peace accord by NATO and Yugoslavia paved the way for the withdrawal of troops and the return of almost 1 million ethnic Albanians, together with an additional 500 000 displaced persons within the province.

Gift of the Givers Response:

In our 1999 response to the war between Serbia and Kosova, we partnered with the Jerrahi Sufi Order of America, which organisation sponsored relief assistance valued at US$150 000, while our contribution amounted to R2 million. This collaborative effort resulted in the distribution of 200 tons of aid, comprising food, blankets and vital medical supplies.

In addition, we facilitated the re-construction of two ravaged villages, Pokleke (located north of Prisitna) and Obri (located in central Kosova), with contractors providing their labour free of charge. In another major intervention, we assisted with the repatriation of hundreds of Kosovan refugees from Turkey back to Kosova following the cessation of hostilities.

The assistance extended, most tellingly, to a local millionaire who was standing in the queue to collect bread. We were informed that he had lost everything, but in an effort to help his fellow countrymen, he brought his investments held abroad back to the country, spending money on assisting others until he was completely broke. He praised God, saying that at least he was able to assist

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