Earthquake 2013

In 2013, Pakistan was hit by a catastrophic 7,7 magnitude earthquake whose epicentre was just 66km north-northeast of Awaran, in the country's largest, though poorest, province of Baluchistan.

Located in south-western Pakistan, Baluchistan is a province rich in natural resources, although its people live in extreme poverty and lack infrastructure, electricity, health and education.

The massive earthquake heaped even greater hardship on a community already battling severe socio-economic deprivation and adversity. The crippling seismic event brought with it an altogether new set of challenges for this disadvantaged society.

Numerous houses and other structures were completely flattened by the force of the earthquake, leaving the region's people homeless, destitute and without either food or recourse to medical assistance.

Hundreds of people were killed and many more injured in the quake. Just four days later, a second devastating 6,8 magnitude earthquake ripped through the country, killing and maiming yet more of Pakistan's battered people and wreaking further infrastructural havoc.

Gift of the Givers Response:

A Gift of the Givers team was quick to access areas most affected by the ravages of the quakes, delivering and distributing vital food parcels, inclusive of flour, rice, lentils, salt, sugar, powdered milk and tea.

The team, overcame a difficult and dangerous journey - given the then security concerns - to break through to people in Awaran, Labach and Bedi, areas most severely affected by the ruinous earthquake.

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