Palestine Relief

Gift of the Givers responds to the crisis in Palestine through the current planned interventions:

1. Housing - payment of rentals for alternative accommodation for those whose homes were destroyed by the bombing that targeted residential areas, renovate homes where possible, replace furniture, appliances and household items.
2. Assist poor families (those who have minimal income and those who have lost their jobs due to destroyed businesses in the current bombing). Food vouchers, clothing and debt relief will be provided.
3. Medical support of the injured covering the cost of surgical procedures, artificial limbs, wheelchairs and assisted devices.
4. Poor patient fund - support for non-trauma medical conditions for many who can't afford health care.
5. Support of frontline Health Care Workers with a stipend and food parcels as many haven't received salaries for months.
6. Trauma counselling at Gift of the Givers Women and Child Care Centre. More than 200k children have been severely traumatised by the bombing.
7. Providing medical supplies to the Palestinian Health Ministry for the benefit of affected health facilities.
8. Financial support for municipal workers as most of them haven't received salaries for months, currently they working overtime to remove rubble, repair roads, reconnect water and electricity networks with no means of income.
9. Micro financing for youth who lost their income due to damaged business and equipment.

Donate to our intervention in Palestine though the following bank account:
Account Name: Gift of the Givers Foundation
Account Number: 052278611
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Pietermaritzburg
Branch Code: 057525

Or click here to make an online donation:

Palestine Relief

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