Earthquake 1999

A disastrous earthquake struck the city of Izmit in the north-western part of Turkey on 17 August 1999, affecting the most heavily populated and industrially developed regions of the country. The deadly quake killed approximately 17 000 people and left more than 500 000 people homeless. The Izmit earthquake lasted for 37 seconds at a magnitude of 7.5, making it one of the best-recorded large earthquakes in the world.

Gift of the Givers Response:

In the wake of this disaster, we worked with the Turkish Embassy in South Africa, ensuring the dispatch and provision to authorities on the ground of vast quantities of tents, blankets, gloves, face masks, medicines, water purification tablets capable of purifying 1 million litres of water for the benefit of survivors of the destructive quake. In addition, we assisted by delivering a large number of body-bags to assist in the dignified retrieval of those who lost their lives.

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