Back To School


Every South African child has the right to a sound and proper education.

Never has the need for investment in quality, relevant, accessible and affordable education been greater in this country, given the prevailing backlogs and resource concerns. It is vital, in today's world, that an education should inspire, motivate, uplift, guide and promote life skills, while emphasising sport, cross-cultural relationships and the spirit of Ubuntu. Our young learners need to be loved, nurtured, fed, clothed and respected. Their impressionable minds should be positively moulded, developing in each child a solid foundation for life.

Our concern for sound educational practices and the realisation of the full potential of young and, especially, disadvantaged learners has led to our implementation of a broad bursary and scholarship programme.

We currently provide educational support, in a range of categories, at both primary and secondary school level in a concerted effort to promote a back-to-school mentality amongst our country's young people.

We, however, also recognise the need to appreciably intensify our involvement in educational initiatives, from Grade R through to Matric. This, we believe is becoming an imperative because we view successful Matriculation, tertiary studies and entry to the employment market as having their roots in Grade R and developing throughout the 12-year educational process.

Our simplistic 'back-to-school initiatives are aimed at bringing the joy of a proper education to the lives of this country's excess of disadvantaged children.

Back To School

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