Jumpstart Entrepreneurship Programme

One of our goals is to assist in building an improved South Africa by empowering the youth through a range of sustainable development initiatives.

We believe that entrepreneurship represents the business future of this country and recognise the latent potential which vests in our young people. Small businesses are important to the South African economy and their resilience and drive contribute towards much-needed economic growth and facilitate the creation of employment opportunities in the country.

We, accordingly, set out to support learners at grass roots level who demonstrate the energy and passion for business which could see them become future captains of industry and have in place a programme, known as the Jumpstart Schools Entrepreneurial Programme. This is aimed at Grade 10 and 11 learners attending select and carefully identified historically disadvantaged schools located in Greater Durban and Pietermaritzburg. Participating learners are required to provide details of their business ideas and these are translated into the provision of a company logo, attendant marketing materials and comprehensive business advisory services and - in the cases of obvious high-flyers - equipment support. This programme helps develop an entrepreneurial spirit and basic know-how at an early age and affords participants the ability to grow their micro-enterprises - instead of seeking employment - becoming true entrepreneurs and, ultimately, employers of their own staff.

The intention behind our Jumpstart Schools Entrepreneurial Programme is to empower young individuals, their businesses and their communities, providing them with the materials and skills to develop and, one day, assist in empowering others.

Jumpstart Entrepreneurship Programme

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