Winter Warmth

Recognising the harshness of a South African Winter and the plight of the ultra-vulnerable members of this country's disparate society, we initiated our Winter Warmth project in June 2004.

Our initial programme saw the distribution of some 55 000 blankets around the country, but the enormity of the real need quickly became apparent, leading to the exponential growth of the initiative with distribution now well in excess of 100 000 blankets per Winter season.

Acknowledging just how critical the needs of the under-privileged and historically disadvantaged are, this crucial programme has been radically extended and now goes well beyond blankets to include the distribution of new clothing, new shoes, track-suits and jerseys.

Given that South Africa is not the only country in which harsh Winters take their toll on the vulnerable, we have further grown the initiative to involve other countries in which we work, both in Africa and the Middle East.

Winter Warmth

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