Concluded Fundraising Campaigns:

We regard 'Champions' as organisations or individuals committed to selfless acts of assistance, whether via financial input or in kind, in the best interests of promoting humanitarianism.

The achievements and success of such selfless organisations or individuals contributes appreciably to the greater good of our society. Their influence and concern for others gives meaningful effect to the ongoing endeavours of charitable organisations, such as ours

The Gift of the Givers is, therefore, grateful for and fortunate to enjoy the benefit of fund-raising campaigns undertaken by our Champions!

Fund-raising events are regarded as an ideal way for donors to become involved, whilst affording them the peace-of-mind that their efforts are, indeed, funding legitimate and approved projects by an organisation with a history of delivery. We are pleased to be able to showcase here such fund-raising events, as they unfold, ensuring fundraisers receive the accolades they so richly deserve for their good works, whilst simultaneously enabling them to substantiate for donors the authenticity of their campaigns and the final destination of funds so raised.

To learn more about becoming a Gift of the Givers fund-raiser, please email us at:

Please click on the campaigns detailed below to read about our donor efforts:
Serving through food

BackaBuddy Campaign by Odd Magazine

Donations to Date
R 8 500.04

Fundraising Target
R10 000.00

Aid for Palestine

Ruqaiyah Peer

Funds Raised
R 148 940.76

Run 41 Palestine

Munieb Raban & Zarif Kahn

Funds Raised
R 212 687.00

Pots, Pans and Pancakes

Raeesa Ahmed Rashid

Funds Raised
R 260 100.00

Concluded Campaigns

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