Concluded Fundraising Campaigns:

Please click on the campaigns detailed below to read about our donor efforts:
Serving through food

BackaBuddy Campaign by Odd Magazine

Donations to Date
R 8 500.04

Fundraising Target
R10 000.00

Aid for Palestine

Ruqaiyah Peer

Funds Raised
R 148 940.76

Run 41 Palestine

Munieb Raban & Zarif Kahn

Funds Raised
R 212 687.00

Pots, Pans and Pancakes

Raeesa Ahmed Rashid

Funds Raised
R 260 100.00

Date Concluded

Large scale audiology testing

BackaBuddy Campaign by Yusuf Raja, Kausar Khan, Nermin Hegazy

Donations to Date
R 21 952.32

Fundraising Target
R 70 000.00

Help our doctors fight Coronavirus

BackaBuddy Campaign by Imtiaz Sooliman

Donations to Date
R 2 062 837.09

Fundraising Target
3 000 000.00

Concluded Campaigns

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