Disasters in YEMEN


Yemen has been rated one of the worst places in the world to raise a child and faces the worst humanitarian crisis in modern history. Thousands of families live in informal camps under severely poor conditions, where access to potable water, sanitation, healthcare and food is a daily struggle.

The lack of such basics thereof leads, in many instances, to avoidable death.

Shortly after Gift of the Givers made initial contact with Yemen in 2012, we delivered 12 containers carrying food to the ailing country.

The civil war started in 2015 and Gift of the Givers Yemen Branch has remained active in the country ever since, providing humanitarian aid to those worst affected by the strife.

Our teams work in a number of cities across the country, delivering essential aid and services, with operational bases in Hajjah, Taizz, Aden, and Sana’a.

Civil War

Yemen, regarded as one of the world's poorest countries in the world, has been devastated by the civil war; a war which rages on.

Civilians have suffered attacks on schools, hospitals and even their homes. Vital infrastructure, destroyed by bombings, has further exacerbated the effects of the war. The country is inhabited by nine battle-fronts, making Yemen one of the worst man-made, humanitarian crisis areas in modern history. As much as 80% of the population is dependent on humanitarian aid for survival and the resultant extreme poverty gives rise to numerous hardships, inclusive of gender-based violence.

Gift of the Givers teams on the ground ensure the sourcing and safe delivery of humanitarian aid, reaching well into the worst affected areas. Our aid includes cash for relocation, food, housing and shelter and medical care.

Our volunteers and staff extend their services across the country, enabling us to reach communities seeking refuge in safer, yet more remote, regions.

Disaster Response

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