Malawi Food Distribution in Southern Regions

Gift of the Givers rolls up its sleeves to save as many stranded people as possible; this time in Mangochi, Machinga, Mulanje, Nsanje, Chikwawa, Phalombe and Thyolo districts, all in the Southern Region of Malawi.

The flood disaster has distressed a lot of people in Malawi and the effects cause a great danger to many lives.

The affected families have no proper shelter, no food, no descent clothing, worsening their already stressful lives.

Each family has received a Food Parcel comprising Maize Flour, Beans, Soy Pieces Relish, Rice, Sugar, Kitchen Salt, Milk, Tea Leaves, Corn Soy Blend, Laundry and Bathing Soap. In addition, the affected families also received Blankets, Buckets, Plates and Cups, Mosquito nets and Cooking pots.

The support that has been given, especially the Food Pack, is designed to last for a month in a family of an average number of 5 people.

The affected families are still in need of assistance in different areas including food and shelter since the floods also washed away their crop fields as well as dwelling houses.

The destruction is enormous as the death toll has now reached 60 and 2000 people have been reportedly injured. The Malawian Government has since opened more camps in the border districts of Nsanje, Chikwawa and Phalombe districts. 

The number of camps have soared from 10 to 33 in Nsanje district and 8 to 31 in Chikwawa district, while Phalombe district, so far, has 30 camps, respectively.

Meanwhile, the camps are also keeping Mozambicans who have fled their homes into Malawi for safety as well as to receive care.

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