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Backing the global fight against hunger, our aim is to contribute tellingly in the quest to save the lives of the starving and malnourished – human or animal.

From serving a warm plate of food to a starving child, to providing vital feed for cattle suffering the result of drought, and from distributing vital supplies to families living in war zones to feeding people displaced by natural disasters, we work tirelessly to ensure those in need are freed from hunger.

Apart from such short-term assistance, we continuously search for and deliver effective solutions, designed to give effect to long-term change, developing and implementing small-scale self-help agricultural projects within needy communities, empowering them to improve food security levels.

In addition, we continue making available our protein-based Sibusiso Food Supplement, the world’s first groundnut high-energy and protein supplement, which requires no refrigeration. The product, innovated by ourselves, is ideal as a disaster-relief foodstuff and is provided to people who are – as a result of disaster displacement – rendered sub-clinically malnourished.

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Hunger Alleviation

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most important weapon which you can use to change the world.”In efforts to support students at Vaal University of Technology, Gift of the Givers team distributed 500 food parcels to those in need. The student beneficiaries were excited and grateful to start the new semester off on such a positive note.To contribute towards our interventions, visit: 🌐 : πŸ“ž : 0800 786 911 #GiftoftheGivers #MakeADifference #ForTheGreaterGood #HungerAlleviation #Education #FoodParcels #MandelaDay #ItIsInYourHands #Gauteng #SA #SouthAfrica


Our feeding centers continue to provide three meals a day to the most vulnerable people displaced by drought and floods. This daily support ensures families have access to essential nutrition during these challenging times. We remain committed to helping those affected by natural disasters.Best Among People Are Those Who Benefit Mankind. πŸ’š πŸ’š πŸ’šTo contribute towards our interventions visit: 🌐 : #MakeADifference #FortheGreaterGood #DroughtRelief #HungerAlleviation #FeedingCenters #FoodParcels #FoodDistribution #Somalia


#GIFTOFTHEGIVERS πŸ’š For decades, sesame has been cultivated for its oil-rich seeds, thriving even in adverse conditions like dry weather and high temperatures. Recognizing its potential, Gift of the Givers supported 3,700 farmers in Chikwawa with sesame seeds last year and has been closely monitoring the progress of their crops.In collaboration with extension workers in the Mikalango Extension Planning Area, Gift of the Givers recently conducted a two-day training program to equip farmers with essential knowledge on sesame production. This "train-the-trainer" initiative aimed to empower club members to further disseminate good crop husbandry practices among their peers.Peter Stanya, a 47-year-old farmer from Malikopo Village, expressed his gratitude during the training, saying, "Thanks to Gift of the Givers for organizing this training. We will use the knowledge gained to train our fellow farmers and establish demonstration gardens for others to learn from."By investing in training and resources, Gift of the Givers is committed to enhancing food security and improving livelihoods in our communities. Together, we can grow stronger! πŸ’ͺ🌾To contribute towards our interventions, visit: 🌐 : πŸ“ž : +265 888 23 40 00 #GiftoftheGivers #MakeADifference #ForTheGreaterGood #HungerAlleviation #AgriculturalSupport #Malawi


πŸ“Ή The team loading much-needed fodder supply for farmers in Brandvlei, in the Northern Cape. #LookingBack, Gift of the Givers has delivered R400 million in aid to assist farmers, farm workers and their communities from 2017, to the present day. The aid provided includes the provision of fodder, pellets, transport, boreholes, food parcels, feeding centres and educational support.To contribute towards our interventions, visit: 🌐 : πŸ“ž : 0800 786 911 #GiftoftheGivers #MakeADifference #ForTheGreaterGood #DisasterResponse #HungerAlleviation #WaterProvision #Drought #Farmers #FarmingSA #NorthernCape #SA #SouthAfrica


#GIFTOFTHEGIVERS πŸ’šThe latest famine early warning systems (FEWS) NET report paints a gloomy picture of the food crisis, particularly in Malawi's southern districts, aggravated by severe dry spells. An April FEWS NET assessment indicated that 44 percent of households already had no own-produced food at harvest time, while food prices were more than double compared to the same time last year. The food crisis continues to affect many households today.As part of addressing this crisis, Gift of the Givers Foundation continues its monthly food distribution exercise in four districts across Malawi. Through our ongoing Zakat program, we are distributing Zakat food packs to vulnerable people in Blantyre, Mangochi, Machinga, and Zomba.Currently, Gift of the Givers is on the ground distributing a total of 756 Zakat food packs in the targeted districts. These food packs consist of cream of maize, cooking oil, tinned fish, rice, salt, soya pieces, and soap. Mr. Rajab Joseph, a committee member, expressed his deep appreciation for the support, stating, "Now we will not go to bed hungry since rice is cooked as porridge in the morning, and during lunch and dinner, we eat Nsima."We are committed to ensuring that no one goes to bed hungry and to supporting our communities through these challenging times.Together we can make a difference: 🌐 : πŸ“ž : +265 888 23 40 00 #GiftoftheGivers #MakeADifference #ForTheGreaterGood #HungerAlleviation #FoodParcels #Malawi


Our team has successfully packed and distributed vegetable parcels to displaced families in Gaza. The current situation in Gaza is dire, with widespread shortages of basic necessities such as food and water due to the ongoing Israeli attacks, leaving them in desperate need of essential supplies.This distribution aims to provide essential nutrients and support the health and well-being of those affected, particularly children and the elderly, who are at higher risk of malnutrition-related complications.Support our emergency response in Gaza: 🟒 Gift of the Givers banking details: Bank: Standard Bank Branch: Pietermaritzburg Account Number: 052278611 Branch Code: 057525 Reference: "Palestine"🟒 Backabuddy🟒 GlobalGiving🌐 Online donation: making a donation, use the country's name as a reference.#GiftoftheGivers #SA #SouthAfrica #MiddleEast #MakeADifference #ForTheGreaterGood #Palestine #PalestineEmergencyAppeal #DisasterResponse #Gaza #ReliefAid #HungerAlleviation #FoodParcels #GazaCrisis


Hunger Alleviation

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