09/06/2015 - Careline invites S.N.E.S

Gift of the Givers Careline believes in establishing sound working relationships with specialist service organisations in order for our clients to get real value. A significant proportion of our clients are learners who experience learning difficulties or behavioural challenges hence S.N.E.S. was invited to the June forum of counsellors to brief them on the type of services offered. S.N.E.S. stands for Special Needs Education Services.

Mrs Nomhle Zondi, the acting chief education specialist (CES) and her team of senior educational specialists SE Mdladla, PJS Mbanjwa, N Msomi and intern F Zuma presented an overview of the four main areas of service which entail Special needs education, Psycho- social, HIV/AIDS and Career guidance and counselling.  The presentation was very insightful, highlighting the major shifts they have undertaken to make education all inclusive and supportive as compared to school pshychological services in the past. 

Whilst great progress has been made, financial and human recources are in short supply thus making huge demands on the skeletal staff compliment. GOTG Careline and S.N.E.S. found areas where services could be reciprocated in which case there will be a two way referral system. However it was clear that Mrs Zondi and her dedicated team were experts in their respective disciplines and went beyond the call of duty to supply the demand for such services.

Mrs Nomhle Zondi handed out colourful information booklets and posters as well as presented a counsellor with a gift pack consisting of HIV/AIDS workbooks. The counselor generously donated it to the GOTG Careline library where it will be used in the Lifeskills programme.

GOTG Careline would like to salute Mrs N Zondi and her team for an enlightening session and for their efforts in making a difference in the community.

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