18/07/2015 - Careline and Accelerated Learning

Gift of the Givers Careline Couselling in partnership with Accelerated Learning hosted a holiday study skills workshop for school children ranging from Grade 6 to 12 as well as university students. Learners represented schools across the length and breadth of Pietermaritzburg filling up the GOTG Careline training room.

As the name indicates, Accelerated Learning teaches techniques to study smarter, faster and easier. Presenter, Junaid Bayat, coined the term “Fast and Curious” learning skills for the 21st century which is a programme endorsed by the University of KwaZulu-Natal and the Department of Education. Apart from teaching soft skills for studying it also works to shift self limiting beliefs that obstruct progress thereby building self confidence. Bayat’s dynamic and interactive presentation style had the learners wowed in their seats as he demonstrated memory, recall, concentration and focus techniques amongst others to prove to them that anyone and everyone is capable of approaching difficult subjects and achieving top results.

A day later our telephone lines have been inundated with requests from both students and parents to repeat this workshop and many more.       

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