22/08/2013 - Entrepreneurship Project

Gift of the Givers Pietermaritzburg Warehouse Operations Manager, Salim Sayed, finds much pleasure in his hobby carpentry and upholstery, manufacturing headboards and built-in cupboards. He turned his hobby into one of the many GOTG Entrepreneurship projects by passing on his skills to those less fortunate. Through this project, jobs have been created and families clothed and fed with the income made.

The project has grown immensly and the team now custom makes:

  • Headboards
  • Pedestals
  • Chairs
  • Lounge Suites
  • Dog Kennels
  • Frames
  • Wensy Houses
  • Pallets

Gift of the Givers supports Entrepreneurship projects by providing materials and equipment. The hope is to initiate more such projects around the country, reducing unemployment and reviving a spirit of giving.

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