25/10/2013 - Human Trafficking Awareness Distribution

The Umgeni Community Empowerment Centre is an organisation that has its primary focus on the care and counselling of: neglected, abused or homeless children, destitute citizens, orphans, marginalized communties, commercial sex works, indigent persons over the age of 60, poverty stricken learners and families, persons afflicted with HIV/AIDS, rape, domestic violence victims and victims of Human Trafficking.

Human trafficking is a billion dollar industry that operates around the world and October marks the month of international awareness. Gift of the Givers distributes a Bulk Food parcel to the centre and with that sheds light on the issue of human trafficking.

Lexis Nexis donates R26 000.00 toward the project and assisted with the distribution of items.

  • 100 Packs of Sanitary Pads
  • 10 x 250g Teabags
  • 100 x 2kg Rice
  • 100 x 1kg Sugar Beans
  • 100 x 35g Cup n Soup
  • 250 x 10g Tomato Sauce Sachets
  • 109 x 50g Rama Margarine
  • 100 x 340ml Mrs Balls Chutney
  • 800 x 7g Spice
  • 100 x 1kg Washing Powder
  • 108 x 250g Vaseline
  • 1250 x 7g Vinegar Sachets

Total Project Value: R33 240.00

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