500 Tons of Supplies For Haiti

We are very actively involved in the THIRD PHASE of our relief response to the Haiti Earthquake crisis.  A great Thank You to the Gift of the Givers Search and Rescue Team that rescued 69 year old Ena Zizi, rescued an elderly trapped man after the 2nd earthquake struck, recovered bodies and set up the hospital at a Cathedral as part of Phase 1.

A great Thank You to the Medical Team that received the accolade "Dream Team" from international co-workers and who worked admirably at the 7th Day Adventist Hospital, saving lives, carrying out surgical procedures and life saving amputations. They also set up a highly successful Primary Health Care Clinic and collectively treated thousands of patients, most importantly in the area of wound cleaning to prevent sepsis and further loss of limbs and death. At the Notre Damme Hospital, besides carrying out medical procedures, our team transferred medical skills to junior doctors from other countries. This was Phase 2.  All in all this was a gruelling experience for all 53 individuals sent by us.

We are now in Phase 3. It is time to respond to a hungry, thirsty and homeless Haitian population. 1.5 million people are in dire need in every sphere of human activity. Gift of the Givers has increased its material aid response from 100 tons to a target of 500 tons or more. All items to be shipped by commercial shipping liner within the next 2-3 weeks. We have a ground partner who have been resident in Haiti since 1969, viz. Glow Ministeries International. They have warehousing, trucks, security, labourers and promise of logistic support from the US Army. Gift of the Givers has also been in communication with the US Embassy in South Africa to facilitate and expedite the transfer of the South African aid supplies once they reach Haiti.

South Africans have opened their hearts with unbelievable generosity. R8 million in cash and kind has already been pledged or received with promise of substantially more aid. Oasis Crescent Trust handed over a cheque of R5 million, Telkom has pledged R500 000, several other individuals, trusts and organisations have deposited funds from R5000 to R100 000 each. Aid in kind has been pouring in from schools, church groups, individuals, wholesalers and supermarkets. One company has donated 80 tons of water. Restaurants, eating houses, musicians, company employees, social groups are all pledging or have already donated either through fund raising activities or through a share of their daily takings. Its absolutely phenomenal and heart rendering to see the outpouring of South African sympathy for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. It is time for an all out response in these next 2-3 weeks to send vital aid and a message of hope to a people who have lost the ability to smile or to laugh.

These are the items to be purchased or to be donated to us:

Tents, blankets, non-perishable food items, bottled water, water purification tablets, generators, high energy and protein supplements, medicines, other medical supplies, medical equipment, soft toys and stationery items for children, pot sets and plastic dishes. Please note only NEW items will be collected. NO Clothing will be sent.

Those wanting to make cash contributions can deposit into Gift of the Givers, Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg, Acc No. 052137228, Branch Code 057525, or sms 'coupon' to 39017 for a donation of R10.