Relief Team for Libya

Thank you for your interest in assisting the people of Libya in their hour of need.  We have received communication from Libyan doctors in South Africa and from the United States who are eager to assist their countrymen.  Given the nature of the conflict, the absence of direct communication and the difficulty of adequate and effective media coverage, any appropriate, relevant response is based on pure assumption and previous experience in similar situations.  In order to expedite an effective response, if indeed there is need from the Libyan people, we want to be well placed to implement this, based on sound information.    

Accordingly, a Gift of the Givers advance team will depart for the Libyan border soon with the hope of entering the country to see what's required.  Medical volunteers, especially with experience in trauma, are requested to be on standby, if they are keen to assist, bearing in mind that the situation is very risky.  Medical teams, medical equipment, medical supplies and eventually ordinary items like bottled water and food are the envisaged essential requirements.  All this needs to be verified, hence the deployment of the advance team.  It is quite likely that the situation may deteriorate substantially in the coming days if increased, disproportionate force is used to try to recapture "lost" territory. 

All medical personnel interested in being a part of the response team, if we do decide to send such a team, are welcome to phone in with their details which include their speciality, years of experience, cell no. and email address.  Further communication to follow at the appropriate time.

Details Toll Free on 0800 786 777