Gift of the Givers and DIRCO Assist Madagascar

Gift of the Givers and DIRCO have embarked on a joint project to assist the people of Madagascar. Following a request from the Prime Minister of that country to our Ambassador in Madagascar for assistance for their people ravaged by cyclones and general poverty, Gift of the Givers agreed to work jointly with DIRCO to assist our African neighbours. We have prepared an aid package totaling R7 million that departs on Friday, 10 June 2016. Thus far five containers have already been loaded with a further three to be loaded tomorrow; two in Johannesburg and one in Pietermaritzburg. The contents include a variety of food items, new clothing, new shoes, blankets, detergents and hygiene packs which will benefit several thousand families. Food items include rice, maize, beans, soya, soup, tinned food, tea, milk powder, sugar and salt.

The items will be received by our Ambassador Maud Dlomo. Gift of the Givers team members will oversee the distribution jointly with local organizations. A separate press release will be issued by DIRCO.
Gift of the Givers celebrates 24 years of cooperation with DIRCO having conducted many projects jointly.

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