Dedza and Ntcheu Hunger Crisis

In response to the ongoing hunger crisis and drought relief Gift of the Givers undertook an aid relief distribution in Dedza district where 55 families were supported. The families are being accommodated at Phanga camp. After having supported these 55 families we were destined for Fikira and Yonamu camps  to support the remaining 70 families. Unfortunately our truck which carried the aid got stuck in the mud at around midday. Efforts were made to remove the truck using the help of the beneficiaries and later a tractor, but were unsuccessful. We then approached some guys who were constructing a road some 30km away from the first venue who accepted to help us remove the truck. Fortunately, the 3rd attempt yielded better results as the truck was finally removed from the sticking mud.

Needless to say the recipients were grateful for their relief aid and government officials from the Disaster office have requested further support in terms of farm inputs so that those that have lost their crop fields can replant during this winter season.

In Ntcheu district, we had 2 places where a total number of 125 families received similar relief items such as food parcels, blankets, pots, buckets,  plates, cups, soap and sanitary pads. The Govt officials from Disaster Management Affairs, indicated that ever since the floods took place, no NGO, apart from GOTG has ever gone to these areas to assist the affected people. The families that have been supported are from Bwanje and  Kwataine villages where a total number of 480 people were affected. Like in other areas where we have so far supported, Ntcheu also requires further support in terms of farm inputs for replanting. In Ntcheu, a total number of 20 hectares have been washed away.

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