24/03/2017 - Flood Relief in Salima

Distribution of relief items to victims of floods disaster which took place in February in 22 districts in the country has started very well in Lilongwe and Salima districts. In Lilongwe district, Gift of the Givers has supported 225 families and 125  families in Salima district. 

The items being distributed include maize flour, soya pieces, rice, corn soya blend, rice, sugar, salt, cooking oil, blankets, cups, plates, pots, buckets,  plastic sheeting rolls, soap and sanitary pads.  The families that have benefited are those that have not received any support from either government or non-state actors ever since the disaster happened. Almost all the beneficiaries lost their household belongings  as a result of the flood disaster.

Both the government officials from Department of Disaster and Chiefs are very thankful for the wonderful items that have been given to the affected families. Our spot visits to the affected families have shown that the families still require further support in terms of proper housing as well as farmers packs to enable the families replant their maize crops during the forthcoming winter season since the floods also washed away maize fields. Distribution exercise is still in progress in Salima.

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