Skills Development

Sustainable human development is an intervention that not only generates economic growth but distributes its benefits equitably. Gift of the Givers has assisted men and women to venture into businesses. We have also initiated centres in order to equip the rural communities with opportunities. Through this programme, many families have received business start-up capital, sewing machines, knitting machines, second hand clothes and in some cases, live cattle.


  • 2005: 20 people
  • 2006: 50 people
  • 2007: 55 people
  • 2008: 40 people
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Education Support

Education Support

Education is a focal point for development in any country. Sustainable economic growth requires people who can capably activate knowledge / ideas into activities that bring about developments. Gift of the Givers Foundation realises the need to invest in the future of bright, young people who lack the necessary financial resources. This is one way of ensuring uninterruptible skilled human resources

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Medical Support

Medical SupportGift of the Givers has been involved in the provision of Mobile clinics mainly in the rural areas to complement government’s efforts by way of providing equal share in terms of health facilities. This project is based on the motto: “If people cannot get to health services then health services must get to the people”. In respect of this understanding, the foundation joined Satya Sai Trust, an NGO  Read more  

Disaster Response