Gift of the Givers Teams in Gaza

The 2014 Israeli bombing campaign of Gaza in this holy month of Ramadaan is relentless. The destruction of infrastructure including civilian homes, Masajids, roads, electricity and commercial facilities in a 48 hour period is bewildering but not unexpected. It is the loss of human life and the gruesome injuries, predominantly of women and children, that makes the suffering and the illegal occupation in this unequal war all that more painful. The statistics are testimony to this brutal conflict: in less than 48 hours there were 400 Israeli air raids, 80 Palestinians killed, 550 wounded, 3 Masajids, 1 hospital, 1 ambulance and 110 civilian homes damaged or totally destroyed. These figures, unfortunately, will multiply within hours. The economic blockade, absence of fuel, shortage of medical equipment and medical supplies, and Israel's embargo on the delivery of life saving oxygen and cardiac monitors only compounds an already disastrous situation. The priority needs are medicines, general medical supplies, medical equipment, food for vulnerable families, baby milk, and UPS light sources. Building material for reconstruction will be a necessity later.  

Gift of the Givers teams visited the Al-Shiffa Medical Complex on Tuesday, 8 July 2014, within 12 hours of the onset of the bombing and delivered some of these essential supplies. In that same facility a child with 80% burns and an adult patient passed on following cardiac arrest. The provision of the priority supplies listed will be the main focus of the Gift of the Givers team in Gaza in this difficult period.   

In the meantime we have been providing food parcels to poor families this Ramadaan and are also involved in the construction of a 5-storey Woman and Child Care Centre in Gaza which, presently, is at a very advanced stage in spite of border closures and a shortage of building material. This centre will provide trauma therapy, play therapy, general counselling, women and child support, pre-school facility, social services, food parcels, care for the widows and orphans, and be a facility for refuge during difficult times as the present situation.   

Thus far the request from Gaza has been a modest 300 000 USD for now with the foresight that the demand will escalate astronomically within days.  Gift of the Givers has already transferred 130 000 USD towards the immediate needs, the food parcels for Ramadan and the Women and Child Care Centre.   

Banking Details:
Gift of the Givers Zakaah Account, Account No. 25 204 0562 or Gift of the Givers Lillah Account, Account No. 25 204 0554. Both in Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg, Branch Code 057525. Please send deposit slip with full contact details to fax 033 394 3780 or email to