State of Emergency for Gaza

The information is self explanatory. Sawaed is a partner to Gift of the Givers and are responsible for the development of the 6 floor Woman and Child Care Centre.

Gift of the Givers will be assisting in the present crisis. You are welcome to participate in this project. Details: Gift of the Givers, Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg, Account No. 052278611, Branch Code 057525. Please send deposit slip with full contact details by fax or email for acknowledgement purposes.

Dear All,
Humbly I am writing this email to keep you updated about How the children of Gaza are going through and I'm really so sorry to share this, I know it's painful and heartbreaking, but we really have to show it as the heavy rains and cold winds pose major threats to our children as many of them are trembling of cold and lost their homes during the Israeli summer offensive on Gaza, and currently residing in a cloth tent.
So far, Four dead in Gaza due to freezing temperatures, including three infant babies as winter storm Huda pummeled the region for a fourth day. Yesterday morning in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, a Palestinian Baby "Salma Almasri - 3 month" whose home was destructed, has died in this freezing weather. The infant's family lives east of Khan Younis in an area that was heavily damaged during Israel's offensive on Gaza over summer. Her family continued living in their damaged home despite the destruction due to lack of alternative shelter.
Not only Salma!! but also the infants "Adel Al-laham 1 month", "Rahaf Abu Assi 4 month" have fell ill and died because of the extreme cold in Gaza, and lack of heating sources due to the electricity cut!
Our day ended with tears after receiving the painful news about the death of a fisher brother (Ahmed Allaham – 22 years) whose heart stop beating because of the intense cold here in Gaza while continuing his work in Gaza Sea securing some food to his family.
Many of the nearly 110,000 Palestinians left homeless and living in just tents. Temperatures in Gaza have been hovering only a few degrees above freezing in recent days as a freezing winter storm buffeted the region, flooding some areas in the small coastal enclave. The situation is really aggravated by the lack of fuel for electric power, meaning that power is available roughly four hours a day!
As hundreds of residents have already been forced to leave their homes due to flooding. That and rising sewage levels combined with a lack of shelter, clean water, fuel, and other necessities puts thousands of people in Gaza in serious risk due to the insufficient electricity and gas resources, many families are resorting to lighting fires and candles to keep warm and for light, causing major fires. Where, two young children have died last Friday in the Gaza Strip because of that.

The fire was set to their house and they were unable to escape the fire in their room. The death caught them although the two young boys hid in the closet!