Healthcare and Nutrition

Access to high quality, free healthcare should not be viewed as a luxury. In many parts of the world, easily preventable and treatable diseases are causing death and long term suffering to millions. We believe that good health is essential for the survival and economic self sufficiency of individuals and their communities.

Gift of the Givers provides emergency relief in conflict situations as well as developing long term well-being initiatives. We train medical personnel, provide field and hospital medical equipment and develop health awareness programmes.

Our long term approach to health care provision aims to give communities a real chance of future health success.

Gift of the Givers health services continues to support thousands of mothers and children as well as different patients, in Mogadishu,  IDP's, Central Mogadishu jail and surrounding  areas in Lower/Middle Shabelle. 7 Medical Centres excluding the 2 Mother and Child clinics, 6 Nutrition Centres and 2 Mobile Clinics have been set up in Somalia to reach those living in more remote areas. We have begun implementing educational programmes tackling issues such as the causes and prevention of malaria and waterborne parasitic disease, Schistosomiasis.

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