Unity in Diversity

"The dignity of man is foremost", is an integral aspect of Gift of the Givers philosophy in responding to humans in need.  Building relations, fostering harmonious coexistence, serving unconditionally and setting standards of excellence in humanitarian aid delivery are principles that we have lived by for 22 years of our history.  Dealing with a refugee camp situation is no different.

Our relationship with Christ Church in Mayfair dates back to the Haiti earthquake when Gift of the Givers worked closely with the Anglican Church and even travelled with Archbishop Thabo Makgoba to the affected country.  In February 2014, the same venue was used for a prayer vigil for the late Pierre Korkie, on the eve of his appointed execution by Al Qaeda.  The execution was stayed and negotiations with Gift of the Givers were reopened.

In the present Xenophobic crisis the church committee, once again through Reverend Eve Abrahams, willingly opened the entire facility to us, putting a Christian Church into the control of Muslim hands.  How beautiful is that association.  Appreciation and understanding of principles of all faiths is paramount with total respect both for the sanctity of the church and Christian values, in this instance.  Unbeknown to many, Reverend Eve was responsible for the development of a mosque to help a Muslim community.  This is an example of  how true faith should not divide but totally unite us.  Extending that unity further, Gift of the Givers has its origin in the Halveti-Jerrahi Sufi Spiritual Order in Istanbul.  The grand master of this order was permitted by the authority of Saint John the Divine Church in New York to perform the ceremony of Zikr (chanting of God's Names) in that church, a monumental building of outstanding architecture.  Christians, Jews, Hindus, even Priests and Rabbis participated in that ceremony on several occasions.  Spirituality is the basis of all religion and though our religious tenets may be different we are all united by our spirituality.  There is no place for conflict between various groups but a time for understanding, acceptance and appreciation of glorious diversification.  May we all live in harmony together, holding hands, uplifting humanity and supplying neighbourly needs.  May the Almighty bless our country and continent and all every being worldwide.

Greetings of Peace, with Love, to all humanity.

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